How to Create a Website in India ?

We will talk about How to Create a Website & How to Start a blog on your own on WordPress. This blog is dedicated for Indians only but this information can be used worldwide. We will talk about Cheapest Web Hosting & Free domain. Our intention is to get you started with the cheapest fund possible & on the best web hosting company in the world.

Local business is growing & people are getting on their Smart phone to search for the local business. Phone companies like Google & Micromax launching budget phone in India like Android One under Rs 5000. It’s expected that smart phone will be available to most of the Indian’s in 2015 to 2016 so when all the people will have smart phone they will search on their phone to find nearest local business, business of their people will search Tanduri Chicken in SONAPUR, Mumbai because Tanduri chicken is very popular & if you have a website,then it’s likely to get those customers at your rastora because people will follow the website & your places direction. You can add Food menus & your location details, your phone number,so that people can call you & ask for your services, these way your business could grow much more than others only for having a well informed website.

If you want to make money online from India then you must have a website. There are lots of opportunities to earn money online in India. You could earn money through Google Adsense, in that case you have to do blogging & for that you would need a customized blog. Here people doesn’t want to invest a lot & they think that starting a blog will take lots of money & time..Yes it requires handsome amount of funds but for the starter we have created a deal to buy One Year Web Hosting &  a Free domain for only Rs 720. It’s the cheapest in the industry & you will have these domain & hosting on the most renowned web hosting company in the world which is Godaddy.

Why Use Godaddy ?

You may think that why I am asking to get your website on Godady, well it’s a good questions to ask. From our experience we have seen that Godaddy is the best platform to host your website because

  • No Downtime at all
  • 24/7 Very fast & co-operative support system, they don’t have a social life LOL.
  • Phone support system
  • Chat support for buying products
  • Has lots of tutorial
  • Very easy to use cPanel
  • Best thing is it is the most cost effective even being the most famous web hosting company.
  • Another best thing is Godaddy is giving priority to the Indian people & they have opened an office in India. Being in India you can have the Hosting & Domain at the cheapest price on earth from Godaddy.

Start a Blog or Website in India Right Now

Why you should start a blog or website right now in India ? because India is developing very fast & while the other countries of the world is in recession but India is doing well & it will do well in future as economic forecast suggests. Because of the economy & cultural diversity of India it is said that One day India will lead the World in Finance & Business & we already are seeing the results that there are 100’s of technology start ups in India & they are getting lots of attention from the investors & most of the international companies having office in India to serve the Indian clients. India has become as an hub of the Asian & American businesses. Today Google, Microsoft , IBM all have their permanent office in India & they empowering the youth & creating opportunities for every one. in coming years we will see the rise of smartphones in India,something like “Android One” low cost smart phones & there will be increase of online users & Internet surfers & to meet their demand you could be part of the campaign & could make some money or could get a job & could really own something.You could do that owning a blog or website in India. Today most of the domains have been registered,so if you delay a day then you might not get your chosen domain, that’s why we say that Start a Blog right now & secure your future. Recently Microsoft’s Chairman “Bill Gates” said that the domain/website/blog will be the currency/assets of tomorrow because premium looking domain is being registered by others & you should do it right now. There are other lots of reason why you should start a blog right now As I have stated at the beginning that India is becoming a business hub & that’s why businesses & companies making good offers towards the Indian people,they are giving you the opportunities. Let’s give you an example……When you buy domain & web hosting through Godaddy ,if you choose Rupee as the currency & India as your country then you are able to buy the domain & hosting less than 60% of other people like of USA & UK…They are giving discounts to the Indian people so that you could grab the opportunities. Where Starting a Blog costs more than $70 per year but if you choose Indian Rupee as the currency then you will be able to buy the Web hosting at only $12 & you will get a Free Domain (Click Here to Buy Web Hosting with only $12 & a Free Domain I have just showed you How You Could Buy Web Hosting & Domain & Could Start a Blog with the cheapest price possible on earth(I would say & this is the truth) So, after buying the web hosting & Domain you would need to know how to Launch your online & you should use WordPress on your blog & that’s why we have put everything (from start to end) in a Tutorial on On this website you will be able to learn everything to start a wordpress blog in less than an hour & how you could promote your blog & could make some money off that blog or website, lots of marketing ideas & blog monetization.