Start a Blog or Website in India Right Now

Why you should start a blog or website right now in India ? because India is developing very fast & while the other countries of the world is in recession but India is doing well & it will do well in future as economic forecast suggests. Because of the economy & cultural diversity of India it is said that One day India will lead the World in Finance & Business & we already are seeing the results that there are 100’s of technology start ups in India & they are getting lots of attention from the investors & most of the international companies having office in India to serve the Indian clients. India has become as an hub of the Asian & American businesses. Today Google, Microsoft , IBM all have their permanent office in India & they empowering the youth & creating opportunities for every one. in coming years we will see the rise of smartphones in India,something like “Android One” low cost smart phones & there will be increase of online users & Internet surfers & to meet their demand you could be part of the campaign & could make some money or could get a job & could really own something.You could do that owning a blog or website in India. Today most of the domains have been registered,so if you delay a day then you might not get your chosen domain, that’s why we say that Start a Blog right now & secure your future. Recently Microsoft’s Chairman “Bill Gates” said that the domain/website/blog will be the currency/assets of tomorrow because premium looking domain is being registered by others & you should do it right now. There are other lots of reason why you should start a blog right now As I have stated at the beginning that India is becoming a business hub & that’s why businesses & companies making good offers towards the Indian people,they are giving you the opportunities. Let’s give you an example……When you buy domain & web hosting through Godaddy ,if you choose Rupee as the currency & India as your country then you are able to buy the domain & hosting less than 60% of other people like of USA & UK…They are giving discounts to the Indian people so that you could grab the opportunities. Where Starting a Blog costs more than $70 per year but if you choose Indian Rupee as the currency then you will be able to buy the Web hosting at only $12 & you will get a Free Domain (Click Here to Buy Web Hosting with only $12 & a Free Domain I have just showed you How You Could Buy Web Hosting & Domain & Could Start a Blog with the cheapest price possible on earth(I would say & this is the truth) So, after buying the web hosting & Domain you would need to know how to Launch your online & you should use WordPress on your blog & that’s why we have put everything (from start to end) in a Tutorial on On this website you will be able to learn everything to start a wordpress blog in less than an hour & how you could promote your blog & could make some money off that blog or website, lots of marketing ideas & blog monetization.


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