This is the info page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about any hosting & Free domains from Godaddy.com


 1. am I getting a Free Domain & Hosting from Godaddy ?

Ans: Yep, you are getting a Free Domain from godaddy but you have to buy the hosting with only 700 INR.

 2. How to start a blog on WordPress ? 

Ans: Click Here to learn on How you can start a blog on your own on WordPress & Godaddy.

3. For how long I will be able to use this website ?

Ans: You can use this website for unlimited times.

4. Why the price is so cheap Here ?

Ans: You may have heard that starting a blog or website takes lots of money, yes it does but we are offering the cheapest Web Hosting Services & a Free Domain from Godaddy to get you start with a blog or business website. If you go to buy the hosting & domain directly then that will cost you more than 4500 INR but if you buy through us then,that will cost you only 700 INR & you are getting the Hosting & a Free Domain from worlds biggest domain registration & web hosting providers.

5. What is the Payment method we have to use to buy This hosting & Services ?

Ans: There are couple of payment method you could use on Godaddy but our experiences shows that Skrill (Moneybookers) is the best way to buy services from Godaddy in India.

6. How the hell do we use Skrill as the payment option ?

Ans: Go to Skrill.com..create an account..upload some fund from your bank account or your online debit card. We recommend Skrill or Paypal as the payment method because using them you can be safe from online fraud & It’s very easy to use.


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